Who We Are

The Mindertones is a band of eight multi-talented musicians that will make sure you will have the party of your life!

When it comes to bringing the party to the people, The Mindertones reign supreme!

The Band

Do you want to end your wedding with a spectacular party with live music? The Mindertones guarantee a dazzling live show, adapted to your personal preferences!

As a band we do everything we can to make the most important day of your life even more unforgettable!

For your private event, your anniversary or your wedding! The Mindertones will get your party started!

Stefano Minder  (Band leader, Vocals)

Lorena Ávila (Vocals)

Javier Merino Cárdenas (Guitar)

Pedro Millan (Sax)

Joan Gonga Arnal (Trumpet)

JT Hwang (Keys)

Rafael Abdalla (Bass)

Ignacio Ampurdanés Ruz (Drums)






Groningen, Netherlands I News Cafe I The Mindertones live at the Lustrum UCG Gala 2020


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 Contact Information

  • E-mail: info@themindertones.net
  • Phone: +39 345 606 95 20 (Whatsapp)

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